Survive the Night

Minecraft Survival mode really means survival. I am always a little surprised about the heart rush that I get playing in survival mode. I know that it’s just a game, but when a zombie or skeleton is coming after you, it’s a little unnerving to know that those things can kill you. I am torn between playing with the sound on or off. Is it better to hear them coming or is ignorance really bliss? I haven’t decided, yet.

I didn’t struggle too much to survive through the night cycle. I spent most of the daylight collecting wood to build a little shelter up on the top of a hill. I didn’t build a roof which made me a little nervous. But the walls were high enough that none of the monsters could jump in… or maybe they just didn’t try to jump in.

As I was trying to survive the night, it felt like the night cycle was way longer than the day. It seemed like the day just went by quickly and then it was night forever. Really they were the same length of time, but when you’re a little nervous about zombies and creepers getting you, time feels longer in the dark.

Survived_the_nightWhile I was waiting for the sun to come back up, I decided to dig out a basement to look for coal and iron. I wasn’t brave enough to go into a cave looking for resources without torches. Without peaceful mode on, I was afraid to run into mobs in caves. I really don’t look forward to those moments of panic when you hear the monsters coming. I’m someone who can do spook alleys and come out laughing, but the thought of my character dying in Minecraft gets my heart racing.

Overall, I realized that I was more conscientious of my actions and surroundings when I played in real survival mode than when I play peaceful or creative. I can see how you could get caught up in the game and realized that hours had passed. Now, I need to figure out strategies to help me find resources I will need to survive better. I made it through the night! On to surviving longer!


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