Minecraft Server Exploration

Minecraft has a lot of different options when it comes to gameplay. Players can choose to play in a world with unlimited resources and limitless possibilities. Or they can choose to play in a world where resources must be collected and enemies roam around. Both types of gameplay allow players to build and create whatever they can imagine.

But that’s just the beginning. Outside of individual games, players can join multiplayer servers where they can play games, create, or survive with other players. Servers

When I checked out some servers, I was impressed by what I saw. All of them were themed with elaborate buildings and games. I was impressed by the amount of time and effort the creators had put into the design of these worlds. All of them had areas for different types of gameplay. I didn’t understand what most of the games were aside from the Hunger Games. After talking to my brother who knows more about Minecraft than I do, I found out that games on servers can range from something as simple as hide and seek to something as complex as Hunger Games.

One of the servers I checked out was really great for someone new to servers. When you picked an area to start exploring, you were first taken to a tutorial area where you had to read through some of the rules of the world. For me, I liked that they had a place like that where I could learn how to play and what was expected of me so that I didn’t get banned from the server. I felt a lot more comfortable on the server with the clear instruction area than on the others that just sort of left you to figure out what to do.

While I don’t see myself spending a significant amount of time on servers in the future, I can see how they can be a positive aspect of Minecraft. In the BSU EDTECH server, we have the ability to meet and participate in activities as a group without too much hassle. The worlds follow the limits of whatever the teacher wants. For players playing on servers they find online, they can find opportunities to push themselves in Minecraft. For example, my brother told me about how he started a carrot farm on a server to earn money for himself. He also talked about checking out others’ creations that use red stone. He uses servers to see what others are doing and help him elevate his skills. I think that is awesome.

Servers are a great aspect of Minecraft and really help players get immersed in a virtual world.


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