Minecraft Acropolis

Building the Acropolis started out as an intimidating project. I told my brother (who is an avid Minecrafter) about my project, and he was kind to give me some building tips for it. He watched me playing and building one block at a time. *click, click, click* I am positive he was cringing the entire time. That’s when he taught me some speed building techniques. Once I found out that I could hold down the build button and fly through the air to build in a straight line, everything went SO MUCH FASTER. As it took shape, I was pretty impressed with how realistic it looked.  (You know, aside from the light blocks.) Now I feel like I need to plan a trip to Greece to check out the Acropolis in real life.

I felt like this would be a great project for students in a unit on Greek history. I know that I would have loved doing something like this in my middle school world history class. It would have been more exciting to show everyone a tour of an Acropolis that I built than just showing pictures in a PowerPoint.

Overall, this build was a lot easier than my previous builds because I learned how to build faster. Now I don’t feel as intimidated when it comes to building some of the bigger projects.


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