Let’s Be Creative

I got a little carried away in my creative mode build. I built a watchtower at the top of a mountain that overlooked my spawn point. Then I decided to build a house that ended up being a lot bigger than I anticipated. I had fun making the house on the top of a mountain. While building the house, I tried using a bunch of different kinds of blocks. One challenge I had was getting the fireplace to have a fire that doesn’t go out. I found out that there is a block from the Nether that you can light up and it will burn until you put it out. That was neat.

Creative mode was a lot of fun because I was able to do so much that you can’t do when you’re playing in survival. I didn’t have to worry about things killing me when they showed up in my house. (I found out that I needed to put more light in my house to keep zombies and creepers from spawning. Who knew?!) In survival, I doubt that I would have been able to build a house that’s pretty much floating off the top of a mountain. With the number of times I accidentally fell out of the sky, my computer would have purposely been thrown out the window if I had been playing in survival mode. 🙂

While building I definitely felt some of that flow because I spent way more time building than I anticipated. I don’t regret it, though. I had a lot of fun.

This link shows a screencast tour of my creation.

Jing Screencast Minecraft Let’s Be Creative


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