Minecraft In Schools

Teachers of every grade level know that students like Minecraft. There’s something appealing about being able to control your own world and build whatever you can imagine. Students tell each other about their creations and brag about some of their accomplishments in the game.

As a teacher, I feel like I have to stay up to date on the world of Minecraft because it’s such a high-interest topic for my students. I use it as a way to make connections with students–even if it means talking video games at recess.

The way Pender County Schools use Minecraft is pretty cool! They have a club where the students get to create in Minecraft. The students are free to build whatever they want when they are online. Their creations range from simple houses to intricate pixel art. It’s amazing. As I watched the videos showing their creations and the club, I started to think about how many students at my school would love a Minecraft club. I think that there are a ton of things that students can learn and explore while in Minecraft. If I ever get the means to have access to Minecraft with my students, I will definitely take it.


The Minecraft videos of Pender County Schools are below.


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