Benefits of Using Multimedia in the Classroom

Multimedia in the classroom can be a powerful tool to engage learners, build connections, and access more information. This video blog looks at some benefits I have seen using multimedia in the classroom.



Bhaskar K, S. (2013, November 08). New Ways of Using Multimedia in Classroom. Retrieved February 17, 2018, from


2 thoughts on “Benefits of Using Multimedia in the Classroom

  1. Avery, I thought you did a great job of organizing the information in this video. Your use of the history course example to distinguish classrooms that integrate multimedia compared to those that do not was a great way to segue into the descriptions of the three benefits you identified. The real-life examples from your classroom left me with a clear understanding of why you find value in multimedia integration (and your creativity in classes). Your concluding comments about the way multimedia engages the brain differently was an interesting ending to this video; this connects back to some of the examples you introduced in the video, but also introduces a new idea from a learning sciences perspective. I’d be interested to learn more about these differences from a neuroscientist or learning scientist’s point of view.


  2. Avery,
    I agree that if teachers used multimedia when I was going to school I definitely would have learned more. I enjoyed watching your video, you had some great resources and examples that kept me interested. I always find it interesting to learn from other students who are educators teaching students in the real world. Being an non-educator and having no children of my own, I feel disconnected from what is being taught in schools today. The classes in the EDTECH program has been able to keep me connected. Thank you….


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